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The Diet Solution Reviews

This Diet program is no more available. Instead, we recommend a better diet program Called Extreme Fat Loss Diet

What The Experts Say:

"The program has sound scientific research behind it, a sane diet and exercise element which cuts your fat substantially " - Health And Muscle Magazine

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Type: Non-vegetarian. You consume a non-veg item at least once a day.

Synopsis: Focuses on dieting for your specific body type. Scientifically researched for maximum and quick fat loss.

Additional Benefits: You learn to get rid of sugar cravings, food addictions, unhealthy eating patterns and harmful foods.

You also and learn to eat to remain lean and healthy for life.

A Program That Works With You

Ever wondered why this diet program is called 'The Diet Solution' program?

The principal reasons why you fail to lose weight with diets is that a majority of them hope to provide a mass formula expected to work on all body types.

The fact, however, is that each person's metabolism type is different.

Hence each body type requires a diet and nutrition plan that is tailor made for that specific type.

Similarly, most diets put unrealistic demands on you. These include specific foods, special ingredients and starvation which is difficult to keep up with.

As a result you eventually discontinue your diet and your fat loss goals go down the drain.

This is essentially what separates Isabel De Los Rios' Diet Solution from the others.

It provides a dieting solution for your specific body type. It also removes the negatives from other conventional dieting problems.

The diet is put-together on the scientific principle that, to maintain a healthy nutrition plan which leads to fat loss, you ought to create diet plans according to your own metabolic type.

It also works on the principle that you largely do not have to stop eating the food you usually do to lose fat/weight.

All you really have to do is eat it all differently, in different combinations.

Its because of these two scientific facts which the program pursues that the diet obviously produces widely reported remarkable results.

meal plans

More Easier and Effective

While following this diet, you basically:
a) Eat in accordance with your metabolic type
b) Stay within ideal calorie ranges
c) Consume a variety of high quality food.

You begin by answering a series of questions to determine your metabolic type. These metabolic types include protein type, carb type and mixed type.

Since each body type requires specific amounts and varieties of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, detailed meal plans are provided for each type.

As an alternative to regular snacks, you are encouraged to consume nutritious foods listed in the meal plans.

You are also advised to keep a food journal to help identify the foods that make you feel satisfied and those that do not.

That way you can work a meal plan that is best for you.

What you eat is your regular food but in different combinations. These combinations of meal plans vary depending on your metabolic type.

The foods include organic meat and poultry, raw dairy products, organic eggs, fish, raw nuts and seeds.

It also includes fruit, vegetables, baked sweet potatoes, coconut oil, butter, olive oil, flaxseed, avocado, sprouted breads, stevia and raw chocolate.

A supplement of omega 3 oil such as salmon, cod liver, krill or flaxseed is also recommended.

The meal plans are also highly nutritious and based on the current scientific trends regarding weight loss and nutrition.

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Lean and Healthy For Life

The positive aspect about this diet is that it is geared towards giving you a long term lean body.

Isabel trashes many myths about nutrition. She also shows how so called 'healthy foods' are actually doing you harm rather than good.

The diet is all about changing your eating habits and patterns to burn off excess fat.

The author emphasizes that unless you live and eat sensibly, there is no a chance of any diet succeeding in its goals.

Unlike other diets, it provides a lot of choice among the healthy foods in various fat burning combinations.

None of them are difficult to procure or make.

Isabel also provides cardiovascular exercise and interval training and which you can eaisly incorporate into your routine,

The diet comes with 3 exercise E-books that provide clear instructions and photographs.

  • Guaranteed Fat Loss or your money back.
  • Diet plans include high quality protein to reduce hunger and at the same time retain muscle mass during the diet period.
  • Heart healthy as it includes consumption of foods that contain omega 3 fats.
  • Detailed meal plans and a extensive selection of mouth-watering recipes.
  • Diet plans are fine-tuned to suit your particular body type.
  • Shows you how to eat healthy to remain fit for life.
  • Detailed insight into various aspects of nutrition.
  • A no-risk 8-week moneyback guarantee.
5 stars
Detailed Daily Meal Plans
Pre-calculated detailed servings
Vegetarian And Non-Vegetarian Meal Plans
Detailed Shopping List
Diet includes natural and wholesome foods
Immediate Start
Scientifically And Medically Sound
For All Age Groups
For Both Genders
Instant Access
Proven Results
Lose upto 4 lbs per week
Safe Fat Loss
span>No Pills, Supplements
Simple And Easy
No Calorie Counting
No Starvation
No Food Restrictions
No Special Foods/ Ingredients
Start Immediatel
8 Week Moneyback Guarantee

Negatives: No exclusive vegetarian only meal plans for pure vegetarians.

Whatever your reason to lose fat, this program is a great choice for effective, lasting and safe fat loss.

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