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The Diet Solution #1    

The basic premise of the book is that maintaining a healthy nutrition which leads to increased health and weight loss doesn't require any specific plan. Great Results. Our top pick.

Detailed Information and Review

Diet Solution
Fat Loss 4 Idiots - #2  

One of the better and effective diet program for losing fat fast. Does not require special foods, starvation or calorie counting. Includes online diet generator, work book and 10 rules of dieting ebook. This is our Top Choice.

Detailed Information And Review

Fat Loss 4 Idiots
Cheat Your Way Thin # 3  

If you have been struggling to lose weight, have tried numerous weight loss programs without any real success and are feeling really frustrated that the harder you try you either end up putting on weight or are standing still having lost little to no weight then the cheat your way thin diet program is for you. You no longer have to worry about those guilty feelings when you know you have eaten stuff that you should not have because this diet program will allow you to enjoy your favourite foods and lose weight at the same time….how fantastic is that?

Detailed Information And Review

Cheat Your Way Thin
Strip That Fat - # 4    

According to the creators of this diet, the best way to eliminate fat is to eat more often, as many as 5 times everyday, to stimulate your metabolism to work better and burn off excess body fat..

The diet provides meal plans and food combinations that you consume by way of smalle frequent meals.

Detailed Information And Review

Strip That Fat
Eat Stop Eat Diet Program # 5    

The Eat Stop Eat diet plan is one of the most unique available today. With the negativity surrounding fasting and starvation, this plan actually embraces the power of selective fasting in order to make weight loss more effective and easier. Brad Pilon is the creator of the Eat Stop Eat program.

There is an official website for the program. This website is more of a static page that pushes the consumer to order the information on the Eat Stop Eat program. The program is comprised of nearly 17,000 words and 90 pages. The program sells as an eBook for $39.95.

Detailed Information And Review

Eat Stop Eat
Top Secret Fat Loss Secret # 6

This fat loss diet program from Dr Suzanne Gudakunst trashes all the regular theories about the causes of excess fat in the body. Instead she asserts, based on her own research, that it is a buildup of plaque and parasites in your body that leads to accumulation of excess fat in your body. She shows you what is causing the plaque and also the proliferation of parasites and provides scientific yet easy ways to get rid of them.

Detailed Information And Review


Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst top secret fat loss secret reviewS
Acid-Alkaline Diet # 7    

Although projected as a fat loss diet, this diet program is more about getting rid of the acids in your system which have their own side effects. This is for you if you have a problem with over acidification and desire better health and increased energy levels.

Detailed Information And Review


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