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Effective Fat Loss Programs:


Editor's Note On: A majority of the population has a problem with excessive body fat (weight). That's why the market is teeming with fat loss programs and fat loss diets, each claiming to be better than the other.

Claims part, though, at the end of the end it is the users who cast their vote in favour of a program that that actually delivers on its promises and the clear winners arrived at us after an industry wide survey using criteria which includes effectiveness, ease of use, author credentials, refund rate and price are the ones listed below.

Read the reviews of each one of them, decide on which one suits your particular needs and situation and get on with losing those extra, ugly pounds.

-- William Roswell



Type: Workout + Diet
Fat Burning Furnace  

BEST FOR: General and full body fat loss

Fat Burning Furnace eBook comes with the workable alternatives that have been tested to work for every user. You can even use the program even if you are a vegetarian. You will discover that you can also trick your body to burn more calories than average. There is a kind of food that is prescribed in the exercise. You will also discover from the ebook that there is a way of losing at least 4lbs and 10 inches off your waist in 45 minutes a week. This is absolutely amazing discovery!

Detailed Information And Review

fat burning furnace review
Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle  

BEST FOR: General and full body fat loss + muscle toning

If you've ever wanted a fat loss program that provides lasting results by effectively employing the three universal requirements for fat loss, there is no doubt that Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle is the program of choice as we found out.

Detailed Information And Review



burnt the fat review

Truth About Six Pack Abs  

BEST FOR: Abdominal fat loss + getting six pack abs + lean body

By far the best, most effective and popular among the six pack abs programs. The author, Mike Geary, brings his experience as a fitness professional and nutrionists to put together a six pack abs program that also leaves you with a trim overall body.

Detailed Information And Review

Trut About Abs Review
Chest Coach System  

BEST FOR: Chest fat loss + Losing man boobs

By far the best, most effective program for getting rid of man boobs and chest fat. This most effective technique to lose man boobs has enabled thousands upon thousands to get rid of the problem permanently. Great choice.

Detailed Information And Review

Chest Coach Manual Review

Turbulence Training

This fat loss program from Craig Ballantyne' is best suited for those who want fast fat loss but do not have the time for long-drawn exercise programs. The program combines resistance training with interval training to give a massive boost to your metabolism in order to to get your body to effectively and quickly burn off excess body fat .

Detailed Information And Review

turbulence training review image
6 Week Fat Burning & Mind Empowering System For Women

As the name suggests, this is a program that is meant for the 30+ age group women and is very popular among them. It deals with the specific factors that lead to excess fat in women, at the same time paying equal attention your eating habits and exercise. Since the body make up and situations that women find themselves are different from those of men, it uniquely enables women to loase weight effectively.

Detailed Information And Review

For Women Over 30
Combat The Fat    

Created by Jeff Anderson, an ex-soldier, Combat The Fat program employs the 5 principles that the US military uses to keep its men fighting fit and in shape. These rules are easy to observe and are simple. You need to follow them for at least 6 weeks to see substantial results. The program does require special diets, foods or ingredients. It also teaches you how to stay lean once you've lost your excess fat.

Detailed Information And Review

Product Image
Lose 30 in Thirty

Rocco Castellano, a fitness expert, provides you with the very same methods that he employs to get big-ticket celebrities lose 30 pounds in thirty days, plus minus a few days. Rocco is tough on you and tells you that you are the cause of the excess fat and that it is you who can change that. He does this by showing you what is causing the fat and how to get rid of it through effective ating and regular specific exercises.

Detailed Information And Review


Lose 30 In Thirty Review Image

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